Morocco: El Haked is unlawfully kept in detention



El Haked is unlawfully kept in detention

Moroccan rapper El Haked is still kept in detention, waiting for the judge to set a date for his trial.

Freemuse has previously reported about El Haked’s arrest in Casablanca on 9 September 2011. The rapper is accused of physically attacking and injuring somebody in a scuffle, but many believe the case to be a setup because of the rapper’s daring lyrics criticizing the regime. El Haked is one of the most famous rappers of the Moroccan protest movement called ‘20th February Movement’.

Unlawful detention
During the last few days, several sources have reported to Freemuse that El Haked and his defense had an appointment with the judge on Tuesday 28 November. However – neither the complainant nor his counsel or the main witnesses appeared. “The judge had promised fixing a date for the trial in two days at the most, because the detention became unlawful”, reports journalist Omar Radi to Freemuse. “Two days have passed, and Thursday the same judge refused to answer questions from lawyers, while keeping Lhaked in prison.”

Possible release?
There is an unconfirmed rumor that El Haked might be released within shortly. “The political situation is becoming more stable and after the last elections the government has started to show a softer approach concerning the prisoners of conscience”, says journalist Saïd Khatibi to Freemuse. “From what I have heard, the Moroccan rapper El Haked is to be released one of these days.”


Moad el7a9ed

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BBC – 25 November 2011:

‘Moroccans see limits of reform in rapper’s case’

Freemuse – 13 September 2011:

‘Rapper allegedly set up and arrested’

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Support group: من أجل إطلاف سراح الحاقد

Ghassan Waïl’s alert page: Alert: Rapper Moad Lhaqed arested @ Casablanca Morocco

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Series of arrests

The blogger-community Global Voices reports that there has been a sudden surge in arrests among pro-democracy activists and online campaigners in Morocco in recent days where charges were allegedly fabricated.

“Little has been reported in the press and it took bloggers to report on the arrests for the traditional media in Morocco to pick up on the stories.”

Most recent arrests:
• Mohamed Douas
• Younes Belmalha
• Moad Lhaqed

These arrests come only two months after the country adopted a supposedly democratic constitution, described by its advocates as one that would guarantee greater freedom of expression.

Read the article

Global Voices – 13 September 2011:
‘Morocco: Multiple Arrests Against Activists’

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