Belarus: Concerts cancelled with short notice



Concerts cancelled with short notice

A concert with Zmicier Vajcjushkevych (also spelled: Vaitsyushkevich) at the café Mistral in Minsk was cancelled just three hours before it was supposed to have started in the evening of 22 November 2011.

The music portal Tuzina Hits quoted the singer as saying: “Again it was a call from the top of the Leninsky district administration, trying to drive us deeper into the underground.”

The management of the café cancelled the concert without giving a reason. The hall of the café can accommodate an audience of 50 people.

Lavon Volski’s concert also cancelled
Freemuse’s source in Belarus furthermore received news that a concert of Lavon Volski also has been abandoned. He was supposed to perform in Brest on 24 November 2011.

It is the first time since the ‘Black List’ allegedly came in use again this year that Lavon Volski personally has been banned from playing a concert. His name is not mentioned on the Black List, only the name of his band, Krambambulya.

Lavon Volski recently had concerts in Prague, Vilnius, Berlin and Bialystok, where he gave a number of very open and critical interviews.

Zmicier Vajcjushkevych

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Nasha Niva – 22 November 2011:

‘Black list of acts: cancelled a concert in Minsk cafe’

More information

Belsat TV – 16 March 2011:

‘Belarusian blacklist of rock bands exists’

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