Iraq: Radio station closed for playing music “contrary to local morality”



Radio station closed for playing music
“contrary to local morality”

The radio station Al-Sada, the only independent broadcaster in the province of Al-Qadisiya, has come under severe pressure. On 26 October 2011, a provincial council decided to close the station on the grounds that its programmes contained music which was “contrary to local morality”.

Ahmed Al-Qasier, founder and manager of the station in the provincial capital Diwaniyya, south of Baghdad, said its programmes were composed of songs from the classical Arabic repertoire.

This month, several of the station’s contributors received anonymous threats on their mobile phones. Several members of the editorial staff, including programme director Muntather Al-Kifaey, decided to resign.

This was reported by Reporters Without Borders and IFEX on 29 October 2011.

Reporters Without Borders urges the authorities in Diwaniyya to put a halt to the persecution of Al-Sada staff. The organisation recalls that freedom of the press is guaranteed by the Iraqi constitution and has been reaffirmed in the law on protection of journalists approved by parliament in August. It also asks the governor to reconsider his decision and allow the radio station to continue broadcasting and guarantee the safety of its staff.

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