Iraq: Bomb explosion at a music store kills 32




Bomb explosion at a music store kills 32

Two bomb attacks at a music store in a Shiite neighborhood of Baghdad killed 32 people on 27 October 2011.

The two blasts, which took place at a music store in the evening on 27 October 2011, killed 32 people and wounded 71 others, police and health officials said.

First one bomb went off and then, minutes later, another bomb exploded, targeting rescue workers and onlookers who had arrived after the first blast.

The officials said the death toll rose overnight after some of the more seriously wounded died. The wounded had been taken to different hospitals, they said, so it took time for officials to get an accurate death toll.

Among the dead were eight security officers, including an army lieutenant colonel, four women and at least eight children, the officials said. All officials spoke on condition of anonymity.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility. Deadly bombings and attacks still happen nearly every day in Iraq.

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San Francisco Chronicle / Associated Press – 29 October 2011:

‘Death toll in twin bombing in Baghdad rises to 32’

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