Pakistan: Freemuse network will document attacks on musicians



Freemuse network will document attacks on musicians

At a two day workshop held in Islamabad 12-13 November a Pakistani network was set up in support of musicians and composers at risk.

During the past years several artists have been abducted, killed and persecuted in Pakistan. Hundreds of CD shops have been bombed, but although the situation is in general improving, there is a great need of documenting these violations and support artists at risk.


The Freemuse workshop in Islamabad included several group-worksessions

Several Pakistani Human Rights defenders and cultural activists decided at the Freemuse hosted workshop to document persecution, set up support structures and in general promote freedom of musical expression in the country.

Several participating organisations have further decided to join Music Freedom Day 2012 thus adding a new country to the annual global event.

During the workshop several participants pointed out that Pakistan needs a new cultural policy and as an effect of the workshop several organisations will now address this to relevant bodies at regional and federal level.

As a result of the workshop Freemuse will further improve its monitoring and documentation system in the country.

Photo by Baacha Khan Trust Educational Foundation

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