Tibet/China: How singers sidestep an oppressive law



China / Tibet:
How singers sidestep an oppressive law

In a review of a concert by three Tibetan musicians performing in London, Samuel Ivor describes how hidden messages are conveyed in the Tibetan folk music:

“In Tibet, due to the rule of Chinese law which bans the use of naming His Holiness the Dalai Lama or speaking of such religious notions, the Tibetan people have found they cannot sing about their revered spiritual leader without breaking the oppressive law. To do so would incur severe punishment. Ingeniously however, some Tibetans sidestep this by using different words for His Holiness, or when singing about banned topics. Often words such as ‘The Sun’, or ‘moon’ are used instead to avoid persecution; a subtle and clever method of expressing adoration for His Holiness, or for fellow Tibetans who have suffered.”

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The Tibet Post International – 31 October 2011:

‘Folk Music Soars in Exile: A Dedication to the People of Tibet’

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