Cuba: Two hip-hop musicians arrested



Two hip-hop musicians arrested

Julito and El Primario, two hip-hop musicians who have popularized songs defiantly against the Cuban government and who started a label called Sin Censura Records (Without Censorship Records), were arrested at an anti-government protest.

21-year-old Julito (real name: Julio León Fonseca), and 22-year-old El Primario (real name: Rodolfo Ramírez Hernández) are rappers and singers from the underground movement of hip-hop in Havana. They were arrested for taking part in a demonstration which took place in the outskirts of the Cuban capital Havana near a State Security building in the neighborhood of Marianao.

The protesters planned to gather at the site to demand the release of dissidents Marta Fonseca Sara and her husband Julio Ignacio Leon.

Both singers were released the following day, according to a Twitter message from the journalist Roberto de Jesús Guerra Pérez.

Julito and El Primario

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Interview with Julito and El Primario

“This interview with Julito and El Primario – protest musicians
and opponents of the Castro regime – demonstrates the fear
that the regime has of the Cuban youth. Their testimonies
exemplify the continued harassment and repression of their
families,” states the Spanish text for this video on

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