Germany: Norwegian band censored by German publisher


03 October 2011

Norwegian band censored by German publisher

When the Norwegian band Honningbarna wanted to release their debut album in Germany they were told by their publisher to leave the song ‘Free Palestine’ out.

German fans of Honningbarna will have one song less than the Norwegian fans when the album ‘La alarmane gå’ (Let the alarms go) is launched in Germany on 11 November 2011.

“We were told by the promotion company that it would be impossible for them to market the album in Germany if the song ‘Free Palestine’ was included, and that no one in the German music industry would take in an album with that song,” told vocalist Edward Valberg. He emphasizes that the band members think this is very unfortunate, since the song is a favourite among many Honningbarna fans.

Here are two excerpts of the lyrics of ‘Free Palestine’:

    Remember history
    Palestine has had enough
    They have been lying there in their own pool of blood
    But the coin has flipped
    who is it now who’s beating


    Imprison the Zionists
    for ethnic cleansing
    for the entire invasion

“This is clearly an infringement of free speech,” said manager Louis Holbrook. “But we still prefer that the band sacrifices that one message in order to get all the other important messages out.”

Patrick Daniel who works for the Berlin-based promotion and record company Snow White did not agree with the manager that this was an issue of free speech:

“As a promotional agency we simply recommended that they should think carefully about this,” he said.

Outruled by Norwegian broadcaster
The song “Free Palestine” has also opted out of the Norwegian media. On 24 October, Honningbarna is supposed to perform in a tv-show on the national Norwegian public service broadcaster NRK. The band will play two songs, and they wished that ‘Free Palestine’ should be one of these two. NRK did not agree, and told them to pick another song.

‘Let the alarms go’ was the VG album Top 40 list for four weeks and reached a position as number 8 in early April 2011.



Source – 28 September 2011:

‘Honningbarna redigeres’ ‘Honningbarna are being edited’

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Germany: Norwegian band censored by German publisher
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