Sweden: Death threats to DJ for Facebook debate about gender issues



Death threats to DJ for Facebook debate
about gender issues

A seemingly uncontroversial post on the Facebook profile of the club and concert hall Slakthuset in Stockholm resulted in death threats against DJ Tova Wellton.

“Book more women, please” said Tova Wellton’s Facebook post to Slakthuset that ended in a heated debate with death threats and a discussion with more than 600 replies:

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“The debate ended up focusing on me and not on the substance of the topic. It became a witch hunt against me outside the discussion thread on Facebook, on Twitter, and e-mail, with death threats and phone harassment. There was no end,” exlained the 21-year-old DJ in a statement on her home page.

“They wrote that they would run up a knife in my stomach and my mouth,” Tova Wellton told the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. She was interviewed by several Swedish media houses, including the Swedish national tv station SVT, who broadcasted the interview on 3 August 2011. During the night, she was harrassed with several phone calls from hidden numbers.

“One can see on the Internet that many love to hate, and it is so easy to project that hatred on me, the little provocative girl who tries to initiate a debate on a too truculent industry,” said Tova Wellton to the newspaper.

A recent Swedish survey showed that about seven out of ten DJs in Stockholm are men.

Tova Wellton

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SVT – 3 August 2011:

NB: Video clip only available until 10 August 2011

Svenska Dagbladet – 4 August 2011:

‘Finns helt galna internettroll d

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