Cameroon: Lapiro back in court



Lapiro back in court

Singer Lapiro de Mbanga has filed a case against the Chief Medical Officer of the Douala Central Prison for having denied him access to medical attention while in prison

Bisong Etahoben reported from Douala on 18 June 2011 that when the matter came up at the Douala magistrate’s court on 16 June 2011, Lapiro was summoned by presiding Magistrate Assiyatou Abdoulaye to present evidence to back up his accusations against the accued medical officer.

Upon presentation of some documents, the magistrate pronounced them not sufficient evidence and asked Lapiro to call witnesses to sustain his claim. Through his lawyer, Lapiro has asked for more time to gather his witnesses. The case was then adjourned to 16 September 2011.

On 8 April 2011 the singer Lapiro de Mbanga was released after serving a three-year prison sentence in Douala Central Prison – allegedly for inciting the Mbanga population to violence during the February 2008 “hunger riots” in Cameroon.

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Lapiro de Mbanga


Africa Review – 18 June 2011:

‘Popular Cameroon artiste Lapiro back in court’

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