Mexico: Bomb attack on singer El Coyote and his band



Bomb attack on singer El Coyote and his band

During a concert on 20 March 2011 by grupera singer El Coyote (real name: Jose Angel Ledezma) and his band Tierra Santa in the western state of Nayarit, someone in the audience hurled an explosive device on stage that wounded three musicians.

The injured tuba player and two trompet players, Abelardo Román, Jesús Urías and Arturo Valdez, were transported to a Puerta Vallarta hospital. Although the lead singer El Coyote was on stage, he was not injured.

The band’s agent commented that the band had just begun top lay when an explosion was heard, which they assumed was some sort of a firecracker associated with the ‘fiestas’, but once they noticed that three of their musicians were injured, they realized what had really happened.

Personnel from the Protección Civil revealed that the source of the explosion that created a 15” centimeter hole and injured three people might have been a homemade Molotov cocktail.

“I’m really very scared. I don’t have enemies but it’s better to take precautions and that’s why I’m taking my family to (live in) the United States,” El Coyote told the Mexican daily newspaper El Universal. Two days after the incident he travelled to the US.

Provoked by songs
Observers suggest violence against narcocorrido artists is the work of drug kingpins who are angry about songs glorifying their rivals.

The grupera genre features traditional Mexican music played with modern, electric instruments. The genre is popular with gangsters because their songs sometimes focus on organized crime, and violence against grupera artists has become common in recent years in Mexico.

Dozen singers killed
At least a dozen singers have been killed since late 2006 and several more have survived attacks. During that same time period, conflict among Mexico’s various drug cartels and between the criminals and security forces has claimed some 35,000 lives, according to EFE.

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‘Mexican Singer Targeted in Attack Mulls Relocating to U.S.’

Noroeste – 20 March 2011:

‘Hieren a 3 m

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