Syria: Musicians call for outright revolution




Musicians call for outright revolution

The lyrics to the latest underground anthem of the Syrian uprising are bold and could galvanize a movement that has spread in fits, wrote Los Angeles Times on 5 April 2011

“Statement number one / the Syrian people are revolting…”

The song ‘Biyan raqam wahid’ (‘Communique No 1’ or ‘Statement number one’) was released online anonymously, and for good reason. The song appears to call for outright revolution and takes on the government over corruption, sectarian fear-mongering and violent repression, accusations that could easily land the artists in jail.

    Statement number one

    We live in silence
    It’s been years
    How long do we have to stay like this — dead
    They are always promising reform and freedom
    But it seems there is no will
    and opinions are banned
    History shows that no oppressor ever lasted
    We will realize our dream of freedom
    even if it costs blood
    The government is destined to fall
    The king either flees or is buried

Another song, ‘Ya heif’ (loosely translated: ‘For shame’), by the Syrian activist and musical icon Samih Choucair was posted on YouTube and within the first week it garnered more than 100,000 views.

It speaks to many of the same themes of oppression and violence as ‘Statement number one’. According to the text of the video, the song is dedicated to Deraa, where scores have been killed and injured.

    For shame

    Shooting defenseless people
    how can you arrest young children?
    How? And you are a son of my country
    yet you kill my children
    Your back is to the enemy while you attack me with the sword
    This is what is happening, for shame, in Deraa, oh mother, for shame.



Los Angeles Times – 5 April 2011:

‘Syria: Viral protest songs take on government over crackdown’

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