Zimbabwe: Music Freedom Day rocked the crowd




Music Freedom Day rocked the crowd

Music Freedom Day was celebrated in a carnival mood in Harare on 3 March 2011 at the Book Café.

Over a hundred music hungry punters attended the event organised by leading arts organisations Magamba the Cultural Activist Network and Pamberi Trust.

It kicked off with a powerful hip-hop set by Harare’s hip spoken word band Outspoken & the Essence.

The show was closed by the popular Alexio and Shades of Black. Throughout the night Aura, one of Harare’s leading MCs, spoke of the need for freedom of musical expression while revving up the crowd at the same time.

Magamba is a grassroots organisation using arts for positive social change while Pamberi Trust runs two of Harare’s leading arts venues as well as various arts projects.

Music Freedom Day is an annual event where musicians, music clubs, cultural institutions, broadcasters and media join Freemuse in the celebration of freedom of musical expression. Read more…

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