China: Jeroen De Kloet traces the politics of rock in China



The politics of rock in China

Dutch researcher Jeroen De Kloet traces the politics of rock music in China, which he says is both rebellious and compliant. He explains about ‘Dakou’ which stands for far more than just CDs that infringe copyright legislation; it stands for a lifestyle very much in vogue among China’s urban youth.

By the end of the twentieth century a new generation emerged in urban China, named after the cut CDs available at illegal markets in Chinese cities. The cut on the margin of these ‘dakou’ CDs, as they are called in Chinese, has brought this young generation to the centre of global music culture.

One of its followers writes on a website: ‘When Americans fiercely give themselves a cut, they also give the world a possibility of communism and unity. Our government doesn’t encourage 1.3 billion people to listen to rock and roll. “Dakou” products usher a million Chinese youth into a new wave, a new listening sensibility, a new awareness, a new mind and a new set of values.’

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Jeroen De Kloet in Norient magazine 2 July – 2010:

‘Rock Music in China’

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