Freemuse receives grant from The Sigrid Rausing Trust



Freemuse receives grant from The Sigrid Rausing Trust

The Sigrid Rausing Trust has awarded a grant of £50,000 for the next year to the work of Freemuse.

“The grant comes at a crucial time for Freemuse,” said Marie Korpe, Freemuse Executive Director. “Our core funding is decreasing and it has become more challenging and difficult to obtain core funding for work in the field of culture and freedom of expression. Thanks to the SRT grant and the grant we received earlier this year from the Roskilde Foundation, Freemuse is able to continue its work.”

About the Trust
The Sigrid Rausing Trust currently has over 190 grantees working in the human rights field around the world, and the budget for 2010 is £20 million, making the trust one of the most important players on the global scene of human rights.

The trust was set up in 1995 by Sigrid Rausing. It was originally named The Ruben and Elisabeth Rausing Trust, after her grandparents. Ruben Rausing was the founder of the Swedish dry food stuff packaging industry Akerlund and Rausing, from which the global milk and juice packaging industry Tetra Pak emerged under the leadership of Hans Rausing, Sigrid Rausing’s father.

The Sigrid Rausing Trust was founded to promote international human rights. The grant programmes are Civil and Political Rights, Women’s Rights, Minority Rights, Social and Environmental Justice and the Miscellaneous Fund. Each programme has a number of sub-programmes, which you will find on the trust’s website.

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