Russia: Rapper jailed for 10 days for offending police



Rapper jailed for 10 days for offending police

The popular Russian rapper Ivan Alekseev, also known as Noize MC, has been sentenced to 10 days ‘administrative imprisonment’ for offending the police at a concert held in Volgograd on 31 July 2010.

According to the Russian online forum, Volgograd Magistrate Court on 2 August 2010 found the rapper guilty of hooliganism, after he had dedicated the song ‘Kuri bamboo’ to the law enforcers present at the concert.

The song included the following refrain:

    “A Citizen, stop-stop, the pockets,
    bang-bang in the kidneys”

…which allegedly refers to the corrupt and violent nature of the Russian police force.

Noize MC and his band members were subsequently approached by the law enforcers who were unhappy with the performance. But according to Noize MC’s official home page, the group managed to settle the score amicably by offering the police officers a copy of their latest album.

The peace was shortlived though. When the group later reappeared to meet their fans and give autographs, the musicians were taken straight to the police station.

Ivan Alekseev is currently held in a temporary detention facility in Volgograd.

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