Austria: Museum of sound preserves banned music



Museum of sound preserves banned music

The Akustikon Museum of Sound in Linz, Austria, has opened a special section dedicated to preserving banned music, entitled ‘The Polyphon (II) Forbidden Sounds’.

The Polyphon (II) Forbidden Sounds holds music whose creators have been branded, driven away, oppressed, banned and persecuted in different times and places under ‘multifarious’ dictatorships or regimes for racist, political, religious or aesthetic reasons. A place of listening to unheard sounds.

Zimbabwean dissident hip-hoppers Comrade Fatso and Chabvondoka officially opened the Forbidden Sounds Section at the museum. Music from their album ‘House of Hunger’ can be listened to there, alongside music from Zimbabwean singer Thomas Mapfumo, and other esteemed musicians whose work has been banned by their own governments.

This short film of the opening on 30 May 2010 was placed on by Comrade Fatso.

Apart from being a museum, Akustikon is a place of research and teaching as well as acoustical consulting and services in civil engineering.

Linz was European Capital of Culture in 2009.


Akustikon’s official home page:

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