Egypt: Music officials banned British rock star from performing



Music officials banned British rock star from performing

Egyptian music officials have banned Elton John from performing in Egypt at a private event later this month because of his recent comments that Jesus was gay.

The German news agency DPA quoted Mounir al-Wasimi, the head of Egypt’s Musician Union, as saying that his country could not allow “a homosexual who wants to ban religions, claimed that the prophet Issa (Jesus) was gay and who calls for Middle Eastern countries to allow gays to have sexual freedom to perform there.”

Elton John was scheduled to perform on 18 May 2010. The Music Union claims to hold authority over what foreign performers are allowed to play in Egypt.

As the Post recalls, “Elton John drew controversy earlier this year when he intimated in an interview with the American Parade magazine that there was no tolerance for homosexuals in Arab countries. ‘I don’t know what makes people so cruel. Try being a gay woman in the Middle East — you’re as good as dead,’ he told the magazine.
Also in the February interview, the performer stated that Jesus had been a ‘super-intelligent gay man,’ a conclusion he reached after reading about the Christian savior’s compassionate and understanding nature.”

Elton John held another concert in front of 60,000 fans in Morocco on 26 May 2010, despite calls from the Islamist Justice and Development Party to ban his attendance there as well.

Source – 4 May 2010:

‘Elton John Banned From Playing in Egypt’

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