Cameroon / USA: American lawyers prepare UN petition for Lapiro



Cameroon / USA:
American lawyers prepare UN petition for Lapiro de Mbanga

A team of four lawyers from a law firm in the United States are preparing a petition to the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention. They argue that by keeping Lapiro de Mbanga imprisoned, Cameroon is violating international law.

The lawyers are working pro bono with Freedom Now.

The office of a US senator, Richard Durbin, has become very interested in Lapiro de Mbanga’s case and is eager to help get him released. Senator Durbin’s office has been reaching out to the Cameroon Embassy in the US.

Meanwhile, petitions made by Freemuse, Mondomix and Vigier Guitars will be handed over to the Embassy of Cameroon in Paris during Music Freedom Day on 3 March 2010.

Lapiro has received support from all over the world. When he received the Imprisoned Artist Freedom to Create Prize in November last year a new interest in his case was generated at home in Cameroon, where several newspapers reported on the prize.

Mondomix released a CD in support of Lapiro on 1 January 2010. Downloading of the CD is linked to signing the petition. Read more…

The song that made all the problems for Lapiro, entitled ‘Constitution Constipée’, is included in the new Freemuse CD: ‘Listen to the banned.’ Read more…

The song was censored in Cameroon but is still popular with the people opposing the present regime and its lack of respect of freedom of expression and human rights.

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The news about Lapiro’s award on the front page
of the Cameroon newspaper The Post

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 de Mbanga 

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Video: See Lapiro’s comment on his situation in prison, and his cause

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Mondomix compilation album: ‘Free Lapiro’

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 Freedom Now

Eden Newspaper – 4 February 2010:

‘International Music Stars, Civil Society Push For Lapiro’s Liberation’

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