Cameroon: Free-for-download album in support of Lapiro de Mbanga



Cameroon / France:
Free-for-download album in support of Lapiro de Mbanga

Mondomix has launched a free-for-download album in support of the imprisoned cameroonian singer Lapiro de Mbanga.

“This album compilation is no ordinary compilation,” writes Mondomix, a French online resource for worldwide music and culture. The album was produced by artists who want to inform about what is happening to Lapiro de Mbanga, the cameroonian singer who is sentenced to prison allegedly for political reasons.

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When the album is downloaded the “customer” automatically signs a petition for the release of Lapiro. Among the artists featured on the album are the famous congolese singer Lokua Kanza.

The album is published with a booklet which tells the story about Lapiro de Mbanga, and contains detailed information about the artists:

Lapiro’s reaction
Freemuse played an excerpt of the album for Lapiro over the telephone. He was absolutely astonished and sendt his regards to everyone who keeps his case “alive”.

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The album

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Video: See Lapiro’s comment on his situation in prison, and his cause

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Track list

01 – Apkass – Les rêves d’un père pour son fils (inédit – unreleased) 4:10  
02 – Jawarit – Ecoute 4:56  
03 – Jr Eakee – La nuit où ils sont venus (inédit – unreleased) 2:50  
04 – Meiway – Le chant des martyrs (feat. Lokua Kanza) 5:04  
05 – News flash #1 (inédit – unreleased) 0:18  
06 – Nibs Van Der Spuy – Homeward bound (inédit – unreleased) 3:47  
07 – El Kapel – Home (inédit – unreleased) 2:57  
08 – News flash #2 (inédit – unreleased) 0:14  
09 – Rasboras – Ta’alya ahi (Fedayi Pacha’s Freedom Mix) (inédit – unreleased) 4:42  
10 – Selector Matanzas – Free-d-homme (Eluard mix) (inédit – unreleased) 4:39  
11 – Lapiro de Mbanga – Constitution constipée 7:30  

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