Pakistan: Music stores are rebuilt in Swat valley




Music stores are being rebuilt in Swat valley

In 2008, the Taliban militants in the north-western Pakistani valley of Swat imposed a ban on all forms of artistic expression. Now that the Taliban are no longer a force in Swat, culture has made a comeback, reported Shaheen Buneri to BBC South Asia.

Cultural life of the Yousafzai Pashtuns is reviving in Swat valley of Pakistan. In his report for BBC, among others, Pakistani journalist Shaheen Buneri did an interview with the owner of a music CD store in Mingora, 38-year-old Usman Khyali. His shop was blown up by the militants, but he has now rebuilt, and music CDs are again being handed over the counter.

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BBC News – 24 October 2009:

‘Culture makes a comeback in Swat’

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