Colombia: Young hip-hop singer killed



Young hip-hop singer killed

The 20-year-old singer Pacheco of the hip hop group C4 was shot by gunmen in August 2009

Pacheco (full name: Enrique Pacheco Hector Marmolejo) was murdered as he was on his way home at one o’clock in the afternoon, a block from the College Eduardo Santos in the western district of Medellin.

Judicial units of the Police and the Prosecutor initiated an investigation to establish the motives of the murder.

One of his last performances as a vocalist was his participation the previous week in an activity of United for Life, which the mayor of Medellín and the Metropolitan Police organised at the Parque Biblioteca San Javier.

Together with his group C4 he was preparing the launch of the band’s first CD album.


El Colombiano – 25 August 2009:

‘Asesinado l

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