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Censorship Burns the Books Nobody Read

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Songwriter and short film-maker Dean Omori gave this film and song, ‘Censorship Burns the Books Nobody Read’, to Freemuse as “a sign of respect for Freemuse’s cause.” According to Dean Omori, the message of his song is that “governments censor when they have lost confidence in themselves. The song began its life as a simple protest song against the censorship laws that humiliate the Iranian people.”

Dean Omori believes that the freedom of musical expression is mixed with the blood of the human soul: “It will remain long after the politicians have deserted us. The artists are always the first to speak out against what is wrong. Without them, our silent legislators, the light of this world will forever be diminished.”

Dean Omori also told Freemuse:

“Although censorship does not affect my creativity personally, it is becoming increasingly hard for me to find record companies or media companies willing to promote and distribute my work. So I work alone, releasing my albums digitally on iTunes, Amazon, and Napster, from my own label, The Art of Protest.

Dean Omori’s work is dedicated to those with the smallest share of our Human Rights. In 2008 he was awarded best short film by the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). He is a prolific artist who has released four protest albums in the space of 18 months, all written, recorded and performed by himself. Presently he is recording a new album, ‘The Energy of Slaves’ to be released in November 2009, dedicated to the experience of freedom, both liberty and creativity.

Dean Omori lives on the outskirts of London with wife and two little boys.

His films and music can be found at his website:

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