Pakistan: Four men shaved as punishment for listening to music



Shaved as punishment for listening to music

In the district of Buner, just 100 kilometres from the capital Islamabad, a terrified young man told a reporter from Associated Press that Taliban militants had shaved the heads and moustaches of him and three friends for listening to music late in the evening of 25 April 2009.

“I was with three other friends in my car, listening to music when armed Taliban stopped us and, after smashing cassettes and the cassette player, they shaved half our heads and moustaches,” he told Associated Press over the phone, requesting not to be identified by name.

“The Taliban also beat us and asked us not to listen to music ever again, ” he said.  Local police said they had no information about the incident.

The victim told that it was ‘useless’ to lodge a complaint with police: “It might have annoyed the Taliban further and I fear for my life.”

Hundreds of Taliban militants were recently reported to have pushed into the district of Buner, ambushing the government troops. Some sources state that 450 militants are presently based in Buner district.

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Associated Press, AFP – 26 April 2009:

‘Taliban shave men for listening to music’

Dawn – 26 April 2009:

‘Taliban shave men for listening to music in Buner’

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