Freemuse’s activities in 2008

Nordic Middle East Meeting
On Monday 14 January some researchers, journalists, musical and cultural producers from the Nordic countries gathered together at Södra teatern in Stockholm to inform each other about their work concerning music and the freedom of expression in the MENA region. It was an informal meeting with the purpose to exchange experiences and identify future collaboration possibilities.
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VISA campaign continues
Freemuse continues the investigation of visa and work permit procedures for artists invited to events within Schengen and EU. The campaign is a collaboration with several international organisations and aims to influence policy makers and facilitate cultural exchange.
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Sounds of Silence – Film screening and seminar in Malmoe
Saturday 23 February the Iranian film “Sounds of Silence” is screened during the film festival Music Doc in Malmoe, Sweden. “Sounds of Silence” is about the underground hip-hop scene in Iran and the screening is followed by a seminar in presence of Amir Hamz and Mark Lazarz, the directors of the film, and Ole Reitov from Freemuse. The event is collaboration between Music Doc, Freemuse and Salaam DK and is taking place in the movie theatre Victoria 3 – 5 p.m.
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Sounds of Silence – Film screening in Copenhagen
Sunday 24 February the movie theatre Grand in Copenhagen, Denmark, is screening the Iranian film “Sounds of Silence” in collaboration with Freemuse. The film is about the underground hip-hop scene in Iran. Amir Hamz and Mark Lazarz, the directors of the film, will be present during the screening in Grand Theatret 24 February at 9.30 pm.
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Music Freedom Day
Monday 3 March is the second time Freemuse coordinates the yearly ‘Music Freedom Day’ where magazines, radio stations and tv broadcasters worldwide focus on music censorship. New this year is the invitation to musicians to take part in the event. In Norway, a concert and a seminar is organised on the day, and the plan is that the concert will be streamed on the internet as well as broadcast via satelite by public radio channels around Europe.
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Freemuse Award 2008
Another new feature in connection with the Music Freedom Day is the creation of the ‘Freemuse Award’. The award is financed through a donation from the Björn Afzelius International Culture Fund, and it will be passed on to musicians, individuals or organisations that “have worked for freedom of musical expression in a remarkable way”. Read more…

The Freemuse Award 2008 goes to the exiled Ivorian reggae star Tiken Jah Fakoly. Read more…

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Music and resistance during apartheid
Thursday 6 March the Museum of World Cultures in Gothenburg, Sweden, is arranging a film screening of the documentary “Stopping the Music” in collaboration with Freemuse. The film is about musical censorship during the apartheid regime in South Africa. Marie Korpe from Freemuse is presenting the film and afterwards the audience gets to meet Roger Lucey and Paul Erasmus, the musician and the censor who are the main characters in the documentary. The event “Snuten, sångaren och den förbjudna musiken” takes place at Världskulturmuseet 6.30-9.00 p.m. Read more

Meeting the International Music Council
In April Freemuse held talks with the Advocacy Working Group and Board of the International Music Council, IMC, regarding common ground for projects that would suit both organisations and hopefully will open up for dialogue with countries/governments applying severe restrictions/censorship on music.
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Campaigns in support of arrested musicians
In April and May Freemuse joined several campaigns in support of arrested artists:

  Cameroon: Lapiro de Mbanga and Joe La Conscience were arrested in Cameroon on 9 April and 20 March 2008 for criticising constitutional amendments allowing the country’s president unlimited terms of office. Read more…

  China/Tibet: Singer Jamyang Kyi is reported to have been held without charges by Chinese authorities since 1 April 2008. International PEN fears that Jamyang Kyi may be held for her activism concerning Tibet. Read more…

  Myanmar/Burma: Win Maw, lead guitarist in the music group Shwe Thansin, was arrested by Burmese authorities on 27 November 2007. His arrest is thought to be part of the wider crackdown on pro-democracy activists. Read more…

Human Rights & the Middle East
7 August.  
Programme Manager Ole Reitov lectured on Music & Censorship in the MENA region (Middle East & Northern Africa) in front of international students at Lund University, Sweden. Ranked amongst the top 100 universities of the World and the largest educational centre in Scandinavia, the University recently established a new Center for Middle Eastern Studies. The future will se more collaborations between the University Center and Freemuse.

Freemuse Award ceremony in Dublin
23 August.  
Tiken Jah Fakoly recieves the Freemuse Award in connection with his Ireland debut concert at Dublin’s Festival of World Cultures. A press meeting is organised on the day prior to his concert and the award ceremony. Read more…
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General Assembly
In the beginning of September, it was time for the Freemuse General Assembly. Read more…

Visa project
3-5 September. The Freemuse visa initiative is presented and discussed at the seminar `World Music without boundaries? The difficulties involved in international exchange´ at the Creole NRW 08 Festival in Dortmund, Germany.

Freemuse meetings
6-7 September. Freemuse Executive Committee meeting and General Assembly, Copenhagen, Denmark.

European Social Forum
19-20 September.
Film screening and seminar at the European Social Forum 2008, Malmö, Sweden.

Concert against Music Censorship
24 October. Danish Refugee Council organised concert and seminar in collaboration with Freemuse on the occasion of the 60-years-day for the UN Human Rights Declaration on 24 October 2008. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Festival against censorship
21-25 October
. Freemuse participates at seminars at the 4th Festival against censorship in Bilbao, Spain.

St Ethelburga’s Centre, London
28 October. ‘Stopping The Music’ screening – a story of music censorship in South Africa – introduced by John Baily.

29 October – 3 November. Freemuse organises a seminar and presents the report on visas/ the discordant note. Seville, Spain.

Lecture for journalists from the MENA region
6 November. Freemuse lectures on music and freedom of expression for 20 journalists from the MENA region at a course arranged by the Institute for Further Education of Journalists, FOJO, Kalmar. Sweden.

ECA Annual conference
7-9 November. Invited by ECA, the European Council of Artists, Freemuse lectures on `Borders, visa issues & cultural diversity´ at ECA’s Annual Conference. Dublin, Ireland.

Strategic Music Diplomacy
13 November. Freemuse takes part in roundtable `Strategic Music Diplomacy´- exploring models of cultural and social engagement, organised by the international Music Trust fund, Paris, France.

Art Venture Freedom to Create Prize
26 November. Freemuse is invited to become nomination organisation for the Art Venture Freedom to Create Prize. 930 artists and projects from 86 countries are nominated. The three Freemuse nominees Ferhat Tunç, Deeyah and Win Maw make it to the final five in each category. Deeyah recieves an award.

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights
8-9 December.
Freemuse is invited to participate in `Fundamental Rights Conference´, Paris, France.

Human Rights for Musicians. Ten Years with Freemuse
15 December.
Edited by Krister Malm, layout and production by Freemuse a publication summing up the first 10 years with Freemuse is published.

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