Artistic freedom in focus at World Press Freedom Day

Freemuse co-founder Ole Reitov is a keynote speaker at the forthcoming World Press Freedom Day event in Jakarta being held from 1-4 May 2017.

Invited by UNESCO, the outgoing Freemuse Executive Director will talk about the importance of artistic freedom and address some of the main problems and threats faced by artists, cultural operators and citizens’ rights to access cultural events.

Additionally, Reitov will moderate a panel of artists and cultural producers from Asia discussing artistic freedom, mobility issues and questions of fair and balanced cultural and artistic international exchanges.

Before the key-note speech a panel of culture ministers from the Asia-Pacific region will discuss how governments can take appropriate steps to promote artistic freedom throughout the culture value chain, from creation to access. The focus will be on the possible types of interventions for promoting gender equality, state-civil society collaboration and the unhindered movement of artists.

Reitov will also join other experts in the field of artistic freedom for a full day meeting to discuss how to further qualify UNESCO’s current priority to design the capacity development programme.

The experts will discuss how to assist main government and civil society stakeholders on implementing the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, including how to collect information and data on the status of artists and artistic freedom, as well as to support the design or review of policies and legislation on these issues.

The 2005 UNESCO Convention office offers special advice on the implementation of the convention through an expert facility. Currently, Reitov and Garry Neil (Canada) are the experts on artistic freedom, mobility and the status of the artist.

What: Re-shaping cultural policies for artistic freedom: Ministerial panel and artists’ panel

When: Tuesday 2 May 14:00-18:00

Where: Jakarta Convention Center, Merak Room

Organizer: UNESCO, with financial support of Denmark

Full programme:

Welcoming words by Muhadjir Effendy, Minister of Culture and Education, Indonesia

Keynote Artistic Freedom Today by Asaduzzaman Noor, Minister for Cultural Affairs, Bangladesh

Video message Taking the Helsinki Declaration forward by Dagfinn Høybråten, Secretary-General, Nordic Council of Ministers

High-level panel Re-shaping cultural policies for the status of artists and artistic freedom

  • Asaduzzaman Noor, Minister for Cultural Affairs, Bangladesh
  • Hilmar Farid, Director-General of Culture, Ministry of Culture and Education, Indonesia
  • Nguyen Phuong Hoa, Deputy-Director-General, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Viet Nam
  • Ek Buntha, Deputy Director-General, Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, Cambodia
  • Moderator: Najwa Shihab, Anchor, MetroTV

Keynote Freedom of Expression in the arts by Ole Reitov, Executive Director, Freemuse

Panel Artistic Freedom in an age of globalization

  • Shahidul Alam, Photographer (Bangladesh)
  • Garin Nugroho, Film Director (Indonesia)
  • Seok-Kyu Choi, CEO, AsiaNOW Productions (Republic of Korea)
  • Rahul Chittela, Film Director and Producer (India)
  • Moderator: Ole Reitov, Executive Director, Freemuse

Closing words by Ms Danielle Cliche, Chief of Section Diversity of Cultural Expressions, UNESCO