Malaysia: Two singers deemed “unacceptable to Islam”



Two singers deemed “unacceptable to Islam”

The youth wing of Malaysia’s opposition Islamic party will stage a peaceful protest if the two singers Mas Idayu and Ella are not banned from a 6 July concert, reported The Associated Press on 17 June 2008.

Rock singer Norzila Aminuddin, better known as Ella – Malaysia’s ‘Queen of Rock’ – and pop singer Mas Idayu, the ‘Queen of Dangdut’, are due to perform at a concert in central Selangor state on 6 July to kick off an annual football match. The event is organised by Selangor’s opposition-led government.

According to youths from the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, or PAS, the two rock and pop singers’ sexy attire and erotic dance moves tarnish the image of Islam. The youth wing of PAS therefore has submitted a protest note to the Selangor government, demanding the two singers be replaced with more ‘acceptable artists’, youth leader Sallehin Mukhyi told The Associated Press.

Dangdut is a genre of Indonesian popular music.


The Associated Press / International Herald Tribune – 17 June 2008:

‘Islamic party youths protest concert by Malaysia’s rock, pop singers’

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