Canada: Jamaica-boycott called off



Jamaica-boycott called off

Stop Murder Music Canada, a group organising a boycott of Jamaica unless the country’s government takes action against homophobic violence, cancelled the action after receiving an official response from the Jamaican consul general in Canada.

Stop Murder Music Canada tries to prevent the sales and performances of Jamaican musicians whose songs contain homophobic lyrics that incite to violence against gays and lesbians. In April 2008, the group demanded that the Jamaican government denounce homophobic violence in the country and begin work on repealing laws criminalizing homosexuality, stating that unless the government took action before Monday 12 May 2008, then the group would call for a general Canadian boycott of Jamaica.

However, Jamaica’s queer rights group – the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, Allsexuals and Gays – pointed out that a boycott would only make things even worse for the gays and lesbians living in Jamaica, and after recieving an official letter from the Jamaican consul general in Canada, Stop Murder Music Canada decided to call off the boycott-campaign. Akim Larcher, the founder of Stop Murder Music Canada, said that even though the response from the Jamaican consul general, Anne-Marie Bonne, may not suffice in every respect, “it is definitely a step forward that they see a responsibility to protect their citizens.”

The consul general’s response doesn’t specifically address any of the group’s demands, although it does address questions of police accountability and structural reform. For instance Anne-Marie Bonner writes that she wants to “draw attention to some of the relevant actions being taken by the government of Jamaica”, among these “A bill for consideration by Parliament at this session to establish an independent authority to have statutory responsibility for investigating instances of abuse by members of the security forces.”

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‘Jamaica boycott called off’

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