Freemuse Newsletter no. 1 / 2007



1 — 2007

Happy New Year to all!
Freemuse will sign a new agreement with Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) which enables us to keep up the work we do at the secretariat 2007-2011.
New Freemuse report: ‘Hidden Truths’ in Belarus
In a new report on music and freedom of expression, Freemuse turns the attention to Belarus, an authoritarian former Soviet country buffering the EU and Russia, where freedom of information and expression have become unrelenting victims in an increasingly destructive battle for political control. The new report, ‘Hidden Truths – Music, Politics and Censorship in Lukashenko’s’ Belarus’, written by Lemez Lovas and Maya Medich, is published on 15 February. The report includes audio samples of six songs by Belarusian artists who are facing blacklisting and censorship. “Hidden Truths” will be available as PDF file on the website.

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Music Freedom Day 2007
On Saturday 3 March radio and TV broadcasters worldwide will focus on music censorship. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation producer Ann MacKeigan and Freemuse have invited broadcasters to participate in a global media event on the subject of Music & Censorship, creating an international, tri-media look at the subject.

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Three films about music and Islam hit Scandinavia
Pakistani rock star Salman Ahmad, and editor of Songlines, Simon Broughton, will fly in to Scandinavia in mid-February to take part in two film festivals where Freemuse presents three remarkable music documentaries on music and Islam: ‘The Rock Star & the Mullahs’ featuring Salman Ahmad, and Simon Broughton’s two documentaries: ‘Sufi Soul’ and ‘Breaking the Silence’. The screenings are a result of collaboration between Freemuse, the Music Doc Festival in Malm

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