Freemuse’s activities in 2007

In 2007…
• Freemuse reported news about music censorship from 57 different countries world-wide
• Freemuse got 706 new friends on MySpace.com
• This website, freemuse.org, had more than 250,000 unique visitors from 208 countries and territories who looked at 683,000 pages.

• 85 percent of these visitors were new – meaning that 2007 was the first time they visited freemuse.org. 20,000 visitors came back more than once.

Declaration demanding abolishment of Turkey’s Article 301
Freemuse joined 29 non-governmental organisations releasing a joint declaration demanding abolishment of Article 301 of Turkish Penal Code, and other articles which violate freedom of expression. Read more


Film festivals in Sweden and Denmark
On 9 and 10 February Pakistani rock star Salman Ahmad, and editor of Songlines, Simon Broughton, visited Denmark and Sweden to show three documentary films highlighting discussions concerning music and Islam. Film show and panel discussion with local artists in collaboration with Salaam.dk in end of February 
Information about the events
Video from Salman Ahmad’s presentation in Copenhagen
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Music Freedom Day
Saturday 3 March was ‘Music Freedom Day 2007’ where magazines, radio stations and TV broadcasters worldwide focused on music censorship. Production of video clips, sound files, signature song and media work. Read more

Click to read more about Music Freedom Day 2007


Developing Music Sectors
Freemuse joined a network meeting on Tuesday 13 March organised by International Music Council with the aim of discussing a strategy for music sector development in developing countries. Other participants were the Swedish National Concert Organisation, the Danish Arts Council and representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Norway and Finland.

Safe cities
In collaboration with Danish PEN, Freemuse on April 11 joined a call to the Danish government for establishing ‘safe cities’ for persecuted writers, musicians and artists. ‘Safe cities’ are a safe place to live and work, a refuge for creativity. Read more…


Journalist workshop / stringer course in South Africa
In March Freemuse organised a two-day workshop addressing experienced African journalists in the field of human rights – to upgrade their knowledge on music as a human right, and on music censorship issues. Read more


Marcel Khalife Visit
On April 10-11 Marcel Khalife visited Freemuse to discuss future collaborations and record a video interview. Khalife has been a keynote speaker at two Freemuse conferences and Freemuse has supported his struggle for freedom of expression in the Middle East. 

‘Spring of Culture’ declaration in support of Marcel Khalife
Freemuse issued a declaration in support of Marcel Khalife’s ‘Spring of Culture’ performance in Bahrain. It was read aloud in front of an audience at a cultural manifestation in Bahrain on 18 April 2007. A news alert about the situation in Bahrain was also distributed by e-mail to more than 1,500 journalists, organisations, and governmental bodies. Read more
See video interview with Marcel Khalife


Afghanistan book
Poet, musician, and human rights activist Samay Hamed collected stories of music censorship in Afghanistan for a book entitled ‘The Cage is singing!’. He also produced a series of video interviews for Freemuse’s web site. 

Freemuse on MySpace
On 2 May Freemuse entered the world of MySpace and is immediately joined by many musicians as friends. Read more

‘Shoot the Singer’ in Italian language
Nobel prize winner Dario Fo introduces the Italian version of ‘Shoot the Singer’ which was published at the Torino International Book Fair on 12 May 2007. Read more

East African Music Network
Freemuse visited Ethiopia on 25-30 April to talk about music censorship for music organisations and music sector professionals from East Africa under the SEAMN network.  

5th Gathering in Istanbul for Freedom of Expression
Freemuse joined sister organisations such as International Pen, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and International Publishers Association at the ‘5th G’ summit which was organised by Turkish human rights activist Sanar Yurdatapan. 5th G reveals and discusses global and local freedom of expression issues.  

Freemuse in Mexico
Organised by IASPM, The International Association for the study of Popular Music, Freemuse presented its work for leading scholars from all over the world in the last week of June. The presentation was joined by Mexican singer Andrés Contreras and US scholar and author Elijah Wald.  Read Ole Reitov’s speech
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