Germany/Denmark: Controversy around erotic drawing on vinyl cover



Germany / Denmark:
Controversy around erotic drawing on LP cover

The Danish psychedelic garage rock band Baby Woodrose recently experienced trouble in connection with the re-issuing of Blows Your Mind, their debut album originally released in 2001.

The LP cover consists of artwork by Malleus – a drawing picturing a naked woman lying in water with a close view of her intimate parts. The printer in Germany refused to print the cover because of the “pornographic nature” of the drawing.

Poetic nudity
“I can see that the cover is erotic. But it’s a drawing and in my eyes it’s more poetic than vulgar or indecent”, says Lars Krogh from Baby Woodrose’s record company Bad Afro to the Danish magazine Musikeren. Krogh is surprised by the incident: “In a time when porn is mainstream, they censor an erotic drawing!”

The good news is that the band found another printer – even this one in Germany – and Blows Your Mind was released as planned on 17 March 2008.

Blows Your Mind – Baby Woodrose’s controversial LP cover

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Baby Woodrose on MySpace

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