Sweden: Proposal for Eurovision to focus on freedom of expression


City of Stockholm should not only take part in organising the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2016, but should also pay special attention to freedom of expression for musicians and vocalists in the world. This is what the liberal party Folkpartiet in Stockholm has suggested in a letter to the city’s department of culture.

“It is a very good opportunity,” told Rasmus Jonlund from Folkpartiet: “We feel that it will be particularly important in the context of Eurovision to draw attention to freedom of expression and human rights.”

Rasmus Jonlund suggested that the city should do this in cooperation with other organisations, both voluntary organisations and professional NGOs – and he told Swedish Radio that he thinks Freemuse, which currently works on mapping governmental abuse of musicians, would be a “given partner” in this.


» SR Kulturnytt – 31 August 2015:
“Låt ESC bli arena för yttrandefrihet”