United Kingdom: Listen to the banned in Lincoln


Festival800 in Lincoln, UK, and Freemuse present banned artists on stage, inspired by the Freemuse-Deeyah album production ‘Listen to the banned’

‘Listen to the banned | Music to make dictators tremble and fundamentalists fume’ is a full day programme curated and developed by Festival800 in partnership with Freemuse. Celebrating the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta, ‘Listen to the banned’ puts on stage Freemuse Award winner Ramy Essam from Egypt, Lavon Volski from Belarus and Basque artist Fermin Muguruza.

Freemuse co-founders Martin Cloonan and Ole Reitov will open the programme at 12am, discussing music censorship, followed by a conversation between Emmy Award winner Deeyah Khan and Freemuse Executive Director Ole Reitov, who jointly co-produced the CD ‘Listen to the banned’.

 UPDATE | 1 SEPTEMBER 2015: Ramy Essam’s application for visit visa to the United Kingdom has been refused. The organisers are currently working full time to see if the issue can be resolved.


12:00 – Smashed hits / Banned Music
Martin Cloonan, Professor of Popular Music and Ole Reitov, co-editor of ‘Smashed Hits – the Book of Banned Music come together to discuss why the governments seek to intervene in popular music. (£5)

13:30 – Listen to the Banned
Co-founders of the project, music producer Deeyah Khan and Ole Reitov Freemuse discuss the album’s origins and current human rights issues. Deeyah Khan is a critically acclaimed music producer, composer, Emmy and Peabody award-winning documentary film director and celebrated human rights activist. (£8)

15:00 Film – Music: Freedom – Shorter Films
Watch a selection of short films looking at music, human rights, freedom of expression and taking stand. (Free)

16:00 – Talking With the Banned
Two international musicians who have faced censorship, “exiled bard of the Egyptian revolution” Ramy Essam and Basque artist Fermin Muguruza, join Deeyah Khan, editor of Index on Censorship magazine Rachael Jolley, and author and academic Martin Cloonan (chair) for a conversation about censorship. (£5)

19:30 – The Banned – Live and Unplugged in Concert. 
A live gig featuring Fermin Muguruza, who sings against the oppression that, in his opinion, Spain has over Basque Country; Freemuse Award winner Ramy Essam, who was catapulted to fame by the events of Tahrir Square in 2011 and Lavon Volski, a blacklisted icon of Belarusian rock music. With Attila the Stockbroker as MC. (£10)

When: Saturday 5 September 2015, timings as above.

Where: Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, LN6 7TS (map)

Tickets: Special Index on Censorship offer for whole day £15, quote INDEX when booking.


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