Turkey: Iconic folk singer reflects on art and politics


“My youth was spent from one prison term to another. Imagine! You are not a murderer, you did not steal from anybody. But you are in prison! Why? Because you are a singer. Regardless, I never regretted the music I made in that period. Not once. And if I were to return to those days I would do the exact same thing.”
Selda Bağcan

In an interview with Bugün daily, the Iconic Turkish folk singer Selda Bağcan reflects on Turkey’s perpetual problem of political censorship of the arts, taking a journey back into the early years of her career which has spanned for decades.

Selda Bağan took part in the session about music censorship in Turkey, Crossing the Bridge, at the 3rd Freemuse World Conference in Istanbul, Turkey, in November 2006.

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