Turkey: Singer Ferhat Tunc’s next trial postponed


Singer Ferhat Tunç’s next trial postponed

A Turkish court decided to postpone the next trial of the Turkish-Kurdish singer with five months, until May 2008. Possibly because the judge predicts that within this period the state could be changing that law according to which Ferhat Tunç is accused.

In October 2007 singer Ferhat Tunç was acquitted in a trial that concerned a statement he had made at one of his concerts. But during the last four years the singer has also faced charges in another trial because of a statement he wrote in the Gündem newspaper. He criticised the imprisonment of Leyla Zana, and the denial of her release, in an article which was published on 19 January 2004, and was then accused of “insulting and deriding the court” according to Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code. The responsible editor, Mehmet Colak, who lives abroad, was also put on trial.

At the latest hearing on 12 December 2007, the trial was postponed until 8 May 2008.


Bianet – 16 December 2007:
‘Singer Tunc’s Trial Postponed by Five Months’

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