Spain: Two weeks of festival against censorship



Two weeks of festival against censorship

‘Festival Against Censorship’ takes place in Bilbao and Gernika-Lumo in Spain. Freemuse participates in a seminar held on 25 October 2007.

Grammy award winning Los Tigres del Norte opens the ‘Zentsuraren Aurkako Jaialdia’ – the ‘Festival Against Censorship’ in Guernica, Spain – with a concert on 14 October. Other highlights of the festival are concerts with Congolese world music veteran Ray Lema and Algerian oud player Mehdi Haddab.

Inspired by the work of Freemuse the festival took off last year with concerts by Freemuse-connected artists such as Ferhat Tunç and Clotaire K.

As part of this year’s festival a Seminar on Freedom of Expression is organised on October 25, starting at noon at Bilioteca Bidebarrieta Liburutegia in Bilbao.

Freemuse is represented by Ole Reitov who will join a panel consisting of Ray Lema, Congolese satirical painter Cheri-Cherin, Algerian musician Mehdi Haddab, Norwegian singer Herborg Kr


Basque musician under pressure in Spain

Basque rock musician Fermin Muguruza speaks about his personal experiences with music censorship in Spain: Its mechanisms, its impact on the artist, and the authorities’ fear of what music can do.   See video interview

Film about music censorship in Afghanistan

Simon Broughton’s film ‘Breaking the Sillence was reviewed as a “remarkable film full of poignant personal histories” in the British newspaper The Independent. The film is available on DVD. 
Read more about ‘Breaking the Silence’

See video interview with Fermin Muguruza

Producciones Serrano – organisers of the festival:

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