USA: Police wrongfully arrests subway musicians


Contradictions in New York law have caused numerous musicians to be wrongfully arrested. And the problem is only getting worse, according to an article in Rolling Stone magazine.

In October 2014, a YouTube video showing the arrest of 30-year-old subway musician Andrew Kalleen for performing in a New York City subway went viral, receiving more than one million views within two days of posting. According to Andrew Kalleen he spent little over five hours in a holding cell and was released in morning with a Desk Appearance Ticket.

Kalleen’s arrest exemplifies what many musicians already know: Officers are arresting musicians on an inaccurate reading of the law, citing a theory that doesn’t apply to support their actions. And the number of these arrests are only increasing.

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The video that went viral – it was viewed more than 1.5 million times in the first six months:

“Musician arrested for singing in subway”

Published on on 18 October 2014.