Australia: Transgender musician bashed in Sydney live music venue


Sydney musician Stephanie McCarthy was allegedly bashed in Newtown’s Town Hall Hotel on 12 June 2015 as she was waiting to go on stage to perform with her band, Love Maul.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Stephanie McCarthy was approached by five males who began to verbally and physically abuse her, by pulling her hair and calling her ‘faggot’.

Stephanie McCarthy said that rather than intervene, the venue’s security turned away from the incident. “One of the security guards was standing five metres away behind a glass door which he didn’t even open. He ran downstairs, leaving me to get bashed.”

“I was told that, by the end of it, I had one guy holding my head right down low while the other was repeatedly punching me in the face,” she recalled of the unprovoked attack, which left her face bloodied and bruised.

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