Lebanon: Controversial singer threatened by The Al-Nusra Front


According to iaanews.com, the leader of the Al-Nusra Front in Syria, Abdula Al Muhaisini, has sent a message to the controversial Lebanese singer Fadl Shaker warning him against “resuming his singing career”.

The warning came after Fadl Shaker has re-appeared on the public scene roughly two years after joining hard-line sheikhs and announcing his retirement form his musical career. The popular singer gave up his singing career in 2012, claiming that singing was ‘haram’, and announced he had joined Ahmed al-Assir’s Lebanon group, which supports militants fighting against Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria.

The warning from Al-Nusra Front came after the famous singer decided to leave the radical approach spring 2015 and publically announced his return to his artistic career. Al Muhaisini published the warning on his Twitter account and many newspapers and electronic websites spread the news. Al Muhaisini wrote that “Go back to your right path and use your voice to only pray for Allah,” and added “I warn you if you fail to return to the righteous path and return to singing on stages.”


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