Turkey: 10 months imprisonment for dancing to Kurdish songs


Semra Getiren Gören has been charged with 10 months imprisonment for participating in a meeting organised on the World Peace Day in Bursa where she danced the ‘halay’ accompanied by Kurdish songs, reported antenna-tr.org.

Semra Getiren Gören and 16 of her friends reportedly stood trial with the allegation of having been “dancing the halay accompanied by anthems with associational contents following the order of PKK/KCK.”

If Gören’s sentence is approved, her two-month-old daughter will be jailed with her as well.

Gören said that following the enactment of the Internal Security Law, a court case like this one had been expected, “but we hadn’t predicted that a two-month-old would have to be jailed as well. To jail a two-month-old baby is unconscionable and merciless.”

» Source: Freedom of Expression Weekly Bulletin (Issue 18/15, 1 May 2015)