Iran: Ministry announces permanent ban on hip-hop concerts


According to MTV, citing The Jerusalem Post, a spokesperson for Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance said hip-hop concerts are now against the law in the country unless approved by the ministry through a lengthy process. This ban will continue indefinitely.

“This music encourages wild behavior that could have a detrimental effect on society,” the ministry spokesperson, Noosh-Abbadi, said in a statement. “We don’t want to have it and we will prevent any unwanted incidents normally associated with such concerts and other events.”

MTV News describes that for hip-hop artists of Iranian descent based in the US, this is a devastating blow. MTV News interviewed rapper Azad Right who grew up in Los Angeles, after his parents fled from Iran in the 1980s.

“When I heard the news, it made me angry because it’s already difficult getting embraced in the U.S. being an Iranian-American rapper. And now they won’t even mess with me where I’m from?” Azad told MTV News.

» MTV News – 9 January 2015:
With Iran’s Ban On Hip-Hop, This Rapper’s Dream Of Performing In His Family’s Homeland Is In Jeopardy
Iranian-American rapper Azad Right weighs in on Iran’s new ban.