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Freemuse Newsletter no 6 / 2016
17 December 2016
Iran: Imprisoned filmmaker granted 72-hour medical leave, back in prison
16 December 2016
Turkey: The Freemuse Files on Censorship of the Arts
15 December 2016
YouTube: Video banned for “sexual content” re-appears with disclaimer
14 December 2016
Freemuse at WOMEX 2016: Unspoken Censorship
12 December 2016
Argentina: German electronic band’s concert re-instated after appeal
12 December 2016
Iran: Imprisoned musician’s health deteriorating
05 December 2016
Turkey: Seven members of Grup Yorum arrested
05 December 2016
Iran: Imprisoned musician granted four-day medical leave
28 November 2016
Kenya: Film board bans “obscene” music and “offensive” musician names
24 November 2016
United Nations member states urge Iran to improve human rights
21 November 2016
Norway/Russia: Musician cuts song from concert due to Russian pressure
17 November 2016
Deeyah Khan to be appointed UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador
17 November 2016
Iran: Artists’ medical condition on hunger strike growing worse
16 November 2016
Pakistan: Two suspects arrested over musician’s murder
11 November 2016
Germany: Foreign ministry cancels controversial concert at consulate in Istanbul
11 November 2016
Angola: Rappers’ concerts cancelled, one shut down by police
10 November 2016
Freemuse calls for charges dropped against Tanzanian musicians ahead of trial
08 November 2016
Iran: Musician sentenced to five years in prison and 74 lashes
08 November 2016
France: TV channel censors political message on rapper’s T-shirt in new video
07 November 2016
Iran: Artists call for support in letter from prison
01 November 2016
Israel: Culture minister and activists call for cancellation of Palestinian rapper’s performance
01 November 2016
Candidates to the UN Human Rights Council are grave violators of artistic expression
27 October 2016
New Zealand: Court overturns ban on 2014 political parody song
26 October 2016
Kazakhstan: Pop group banned in some towns on national tour
25 October 2016
Freemuse Newsletter no 5 / 2016
25 October 2016
Lebanon: Backlash mounts after psychedelic music festival
24 October 2016
South Korea: Alleged government blacklist of 9,473 artists over politics
19 October 2016
China: Two Tibetan singers released after serving out four-year prison terms
14 October 2016
Vietnam: Popular music and censorship
14 October 2016
How can you put a song behind bars: Dario Fo
13 October 2016
United Kingdom: University cancels musical due to race row
12 October 2016
Ukraine: Lawmakers vote against bill banning Russian artists
11 October 2016
Tanzania: Two artists arrested for allegedly insulting president in latest song
05 October 2016
Germany/Netherlands: Faroese metal band shows cancelled over whaling
29 September 2016
China: Singer’s music scrubbed from online music services due to Hong Kong activism
29 September 2016
Ukraine: Government to bar blacklisted Russian singers in European song contest
27 September 2016
Morocco: News site publishes blacklist of artists with alleged ties to Israel
26 September 2016
USA: Christian music festival drops band due to gay singer
22 September 2016
Australia: Singer received death threats after asking group to stop using songs
21 September 2016
Somalia: Concert cancelled for “objectionable” shows in Europe
19 September 2016
Turkey: Court acquits musician of blasphemy charges after four-year ordeal
15 September 2016
Iran: Jailed artists go on hunger strike
12 September 2016
USA: Schools reverse radio station ban on buses
12 September 2016
Mauritania: Rapper harassed and attacked by police
08 September 2016
Sierra Leone: Musician allegedly censored due to political song
07 September 2016
Burundi: Musician received death threats ahead of trip home
06 September 2016
Iran: Concerts in the crosshairs
02 September 2016
Malaysia: Artist released on bail; investigation pending
02 September 2016
Iran: Musician arrested on charges of “spreading depravity”
02 September 2016
Malaysia: Artist detained over allegedly "insulting Islam" in music video
22 August 2016
Turkey: Singer’s concerts cancelled due to coup-related remarks
16 August 2016
Sweden: Metal band allegedly receives threats after cancelling gig
15 August 2016
Germany: Music festival attacked by suicide bomber
15 August 2016
China: State agency reportedly bans South Korean stars over diplomatic feud
12 August 2016
Uzbekistan: Suspended artists and instrument bans
11 August 2016
Malaysia: Rapper threatened with censorship and arrest
10 August 2016
Tanzania: Rapper banned from music industry indefinitely
10 August 2016
Pakistan: Music returns to region amid scepticism
10 August 2016
USA: Anti-Donald Trump song censored
09 August 2016
Saint Kitts and Nevis: US rapper arrested, fined for profane lyrics
12 July 2016
Guinea: Increasing censorship and pressure on leading musicians
12 July 2016
Somalia: Security forces arrest musician
11 July 2016
Saudi Arabia: Emir bans playing and carrying of musical instruments in region
08 July 2016
Ukraine: Belarusian singer denied entry due to Crimea concert
07 July 2016
Malta: Rock band dropped from festival over frontman's Facebook posts
07 July 2016
Poland: Ukrainian band stopped at border due to local threats
07 July 2016
Central African Republic: Rapper beaten by army general
06 July 2016
China: American singer banned due to Dalai Lama meeting
06 July 2016
Nigeria: Musician kidnapped, found, later detained allegedly due to song
05 July 2016
Chile/USA: Former military officer convicted for murdering singer Victor Jara
01 July 2016
Freemuse Newsletter no 4 / 2016
29 June 2016
Pakistan: The war on living arts in Swat
27 June 2016
UN: “Artistic expression is not a crime” – Special Rapporteurs urge the Iranian government to free jailed artists
24 June 2016
Pakistan: Famed Sufi singer killed in drive-by shooting
23 June 2016
Turkey: Music fans attacked at Radiohead store event
22 June 2016
Russia: Music video censored for having same-sex kiss
22 June 2016
Nigeria: Singer’s songs banned by DJ association after on-stage slap
22 June 2016
Senegal: Singer arrested and detained for indecency
22 June 2016
South Sudan: Minister bans foreign music on radio station
17 June 2016
Ghana: Music union calls for regulation on obscene lyrics
17 June 2016
Gambia: Music banned during Ramadan
14 June 2016
Georgia: Conservative religious group disrupts rock festival
09 June 2016
Egypt: Heavy metal concert cancelled, three arrested
08 June 2016
Iran: Eight producers arrested for “obscene” music videos
08 June 2016
Iran: Musician and filmmaker imprisoned
07 June 2016
Iran: Two musicians and a filmmaker summoned to prison
30 May 2016
France: Music festivals cancel Eagles of Death Metal performances
27 May 2016
Afghanistan: Kandahar authorities ban broadcast of songs by women
26 May 2016
Iran: Concerts cancelled under pressure from religious conservatives
23 May 2016
Tanzania: Artist banned from performing due to "immoral" video
19 May 2016
France: Mayor cancels WWI centenary concert over rapper’s “anti-France” lyrics
19 May 2016
Nigeria: Broadcast authority blacklists yet another one of rapper’s songs
18 May 2016
Lebanon: Authorities ban song on grounds of offending God
17 May 2016
Turkey: “Music that sexually turns on people is a sin”
17 May 2016
Egypt: Radio station bans mahraganat song
17 May 2016
Sweden: Freemuse Award ceremony 2016 in the Eurovision Village
09 May 2016
Jordan: Ban on performance by Lebanese band reversed
04 May 2016
China: British heavy metal band forced to alter show
04 May 2016
Nordic Ministers of Culture declare support for artistic freedom
04 May 2016
Sweden: Belarus has a winner in the Eurovision village
04 May 2016
Germany: Turkey attempts to stop EU funding orchestra performance
29 April 2016
Freemuse Newsletter no 3 / 2016
29 April 2016
Jordan: Rock concert banned for “contradicting” religious beliefs
28 April 2016
Belarus: Lavon Volski is a free man in an unfree country
27 April 2016
China: American pop star tour dates cancelled
27 April 2016
Freemuse Award Winner 2016 is Lavon Volski
25 April 2016
Germany: Rock band sues government for "indexing" album
21 April 2016
Iran: Banned music legend may sing again
21 April 2016
Turkey: Baby donkeys, insults and presidents
20 April 2016
Uzbekistan: The naked truth about state censorship
20 April 2016
Jordan: Concert by Israeli musician in Wadi Rum cancelled
20 April 2016
Indonesia: West Aceh bans outdoor concerts
11 April 2016
Freemuse Newsletter no 2 / 2016
07 April 2016
Niger: Cameroonian singer denied entry visa to hold concert
06 April 2016
Tunisia: Singer banned from working due to suggestive video
06 April 2016
Artistic freedom in Zimbabwe: Joint stakeholder report submitted to the UN
31 March 2016
Angola: Rapper Luaty Beirão sentenced to over five years in prison
30 March 2016
USA: Rapper sent back to prison for allegedly threatening attorney in song
24 March 2016
Iran: Musical instruments still not allowed on Iranian tv
15 March 2016
Turkey: 'Rocking imam' blocked from singing in Portugal
15 March 2016
Burundi: Musician detained for insulting head of state
10 March 2016
Singapore: Madonna banned from performing sensitive song
09 March 2016
Mexico: Two more states ban narcocorridos
09 March 2016
Egypt: Fear of heavy metal returns
08 March 2016
Kenya: LGBT music video banned
07 March 2016
Music Freedom Day in Pakistan: Call for cultural policy
04 March 2016
Music Freedom Day: What does censorship sound like? Listen to Freemuse on Spotify
03 March 2016
Music Freedom Day: Musician sentenced to imprisonment sells instrument to pay fine
03 March 2016
Freemuse Press Release: Musicians unite in defence of artistic freedom
01 March 2016
Freemuse Newsletter no 1 / 2016
29 February 2016
Iran: Two musicians and a filmmaker sentenced
29 February 2016
Egypt: Mahraganat artists challenge limits
23 February 2016
Iraq: Boy beheaded for listening to Western music
22 February 2016
Art Under Threat: Attacks on artistic freedom in 2015
22 February 2016
Music Freedom Day video: ‘From Zombies to Revolutionaries’
15 February 2016
Iran: Singer banned from tv and festival
28 January 2016
Iran: 165 Iranian artists and activists protest charges against two musicians and a filmmaker
27 January 2016
Egypt: Arts unions granted legal powers to self-police
25 January 2016
Ukraine: Italian opera singer cancels concerts in Crimea
22 January 2016
Egypt: Government cancels concert marking revolution anniversary
22 January 2016
Turkey: Children’s play banned due to “inappropriate” song
22 January 2016
China/Taiwan: Singers banned for nationalist statements and actions
21 January 2016
Saudi Arabia: Festival stopped due to “swaying and dancing”
20 January 2016
Egypt: Singer released after paying bail on contempt of religion charges
18 January 2016
Call on Iranian authorities to drop charges on two musicians and a filmmaker
15 January 2016
Egypt: Union president suspends six singers from performing
14 January 2016
Nigeria: Singer detained for song critical of politician
13 January 2016
Indonesia: Punk documentary released worldwide
12 January 2016
Iran: Musicians call for lifting concert ban
08 January 2016
Iran: Album by prominent musician denied distribution
07 January 2016
Ethiopia: Crackdown on Oromo musicians
06 January 2016
China: Hip-hop group censored and detained
06 January 2016
Ethiopia: Three singers arrested, abducted and tortured
06 January 2016
Burundi: Musician shot by police
06 January 2016
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