News 2013(2)

31 December 2013
Freemuse Newsletter no. 5 / 2013
30 December 2013
Tunisia: Rapper Weld El 15 has been freed
20 December 2013
Sweden: Public broadcaster excludes hit rap song from playlists
19 December 2013
Russia: Freedom promised to the two imprisoned Pussy Riot members
19 December 2013
Iran: Artists launch petition to end suppression of musicians
17 December 2013
Iran: Musician and music distributors arrested
17 December 2013
Russia: Pussy Riot appeal referred back to Moscow Court
17 December 2013
Tunisia: Rapper Weld El 15 appeal hearing
17 December 2013
China/Tibet: Free jailed Tibetan singers, stars tell China
16 December 2013
Tunisia: Two musicians denied access to perform at festival
16 December 2013
Freemuse Newsletter no. 4 / 2013
13 December 2013
Russia: Pussy Riot members’ appeal accepted by Supreme Court
13 December 2013
China/Tibet: Two Tibetan singers arrested
10 December 2013
Norway: Christian heavy metal band receives death threats
06 December 2013
Tunisia: Freemuse condemns imprisonment of rapper Weld El 15
06 December 2013
Iran: Popular rapper arrested by Morality Police
04 December 2013
Norway: Singer disinvited from Nobel gig afterparty
03 December 2013
Belarus: Blacklisted musicians play abroad
03 December 2013
Russia: Pussy Riot member’s case against prison dismissed
02 December 2013
India: Rap song about corruption asked to be removed from film
02 December 2013
Cambodia: Song writer Yorm Bopha released on bail
02 December 2013
Tunisia: Rapper receives four-month reprieve on sentence
27 November 2013
Russia: Pussy Riot’s Alyokhina appealing to Supreme Court
27 November 2013
Tunisia: Fugitive rapper to appeal conviction
27 November 2013
Norwegian cultural executive: “We have a problem in our own society”
21 November 2013
Tunisian rappers in focus at Impossible Music Session
21 November 2013
Barbados: ‘The Blurred Lines case’ of the Carribean
20 November 2013
Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood rapper's music equipment seized by police
20 November 2013
USA: MTV series documents power of music and art to ignite change
19 November 2013
Russia: Pussy Riot member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova located
18 November 2013
Mauritania: Two rappers detained and interrogated
17 November 2013
USA: Kacey Musgraves’ performance censored during CMA Awards
14 November 2013
France: Once banned protest songs make comeback
14 November 2013
United Kingdom: Universities ban the song ‘Blurred Lines’
14 November 2013
Uzbekistan: Pop stars banned from stage for ‘meaningless’ songs
14 November 2013
Vietnam: Censors keep everyone guessing | Index on Censorship
14 November 2013
Russia: Ombudsman confirms - Pussy Riot member transferred to new prison
13 November 2013
Russia: Jailed Pussy Riot member appeals to high court
12 November 2013
Iran: Will Culture Minister lift ban on women singing solo?
07 November 2013
Russia: Pussy Riot member punished with move to prison in Siberia
06 November 2013
Iran: Azeri musician and rights activist arrested
06 November 2013
Tunisia: Interview with Klay BBJ, the rapper who was jailed for hating everything
06 November 2013
Pakistan: The day the music died in Karachi
04 November 2013
Belarus: Cultural censorship as state policy | Index
04 November 2013
Russia: Pussy Riot member’s new prison location held secret
04 November 2013
Cuba: Jailed rapper in critical condition due to hunger strike
03 November 2013
Nigeria: Increase in number of music videos banned for erotic content
01 November 2013
Malaysia: American artist banned for offending religious sensitivities
31 October 2013
USA: Christmas carols banned in school district
31 October 2013
Maldives: Allegedly ‘anti-Islamic’ song banned
31 October 2013
Tunisia: New union to defend rappers’ freedom of expression
29 October 2013
Tanzania: Musician receives death threats for political song
29 October 2013
Lithuania: Criminal investigation of performers’ use of national anthem
28 October 2013
Russia: Imprisoned Pussy Riot member moved to another prison
24 October 2013
Tunisia: Rapper Klay BBJ acquitted after three weeks in prison
24 October 2013
Cambodia: Call to action for songwriter Yorm Bopha | PEN International
23 October 2013
Norway: Excluded after singing Sami-style joik in church
23 October 2013
Zimbabwe: Reflections of a banned musician - Leonard Zhakata
01 October 2013
Senegal: Didier Awadi speaks about self-censorship
01 October 2013
Freemuse joins presentation on artistic freedom at EU Parliament
28 September 2013
Tunisia: Rapper sentenced to six months in prison
28 September 2013
USA: Madonna launches platform to fight oppression and intolerance
26 September 2013
Russia: Pussy Riot member subject to death threats and isolation
24 September 2013
Greece: Rapper murdered
19 September 2013
Swedish city offers Gaza rapper safe city residency
19 September 2013
Turkey: Ferhat Tunc concert interrupted by protesters and power cut
18 September 2013
Cuba: Pianist banned and forced to cancel shows
18 September 2013
Syrian pianist Malek Jandali: “We need freedom for true art”
17 September 2013
Canada: Rock star blacklisted by radio station
14 September 2013
Cambodia: Golden era of Cambodian music given its second airing
13 September 2013
Tunisia: Two rappers convicted to 21 months in prison
05 September 2013
Malaysia: American heavy metal band denied permit to perform
05 September 2013
Turkey: Imam who is also a musician receives threats
03 September 2013
North Korea: 12 musicians reportedly executed by firing squad
30 August 2013
Freemuse Newsletter no. 3 / 2013
28 August 2013
USA: MTV censored lyrics with reference to drugs
26 August 2013
Iran: Over 200 rock fans arrested at heavy metal concert
22 August 2013
Mexico: Drug ballads banned in Chihuahua
15 August 2013
Russia: American rock band sparked Russian outrage with flag stunt
05 August 2013
Vietnam: Musician fined for publishing CD with “depraved contents”
31 July 2013
Uzbekistan: Music video blacklisted with “strong suggestion” from security services
03 July 2013
Saudia Arabia: Women banned from entering music shops
03 July 2013
Egypt: Amal Maher's music banned because of ‘revolutionary’ lyrics
01 July 2013
Turkey: Persecuted folk band Grup Yorum in centre of attention
24 June 2013
Freemuse Award presented to Festival au Désert
17 June 2013
Tunisia: Rapper sentenced to two years imprisonment, violence in court
14 June 2013
China: Two Tibetan singers sentenced to two years in prison
13 June 2013
Israel/Palestine: Singer Oday Khatib set free
10 June 2013
Freemuse speaks at Human Rights Council
03 June 2013
Freemuse Newsletter no. 2 / 2013
30 May 2013
Sweden: ‘Impossible Music Sessions’ in Stockholm
27 May 2013
China: Video and song by Ai Weiwei banned
27 May 2013
Russia: Jailed Pussy Riot member in hunger strike
23 May 2013
Freemuse Award to be presented in UN building in Geneva
23 May 2013
Book: ‘Music, Culture and Conflict in Mali’
17 May 2013
India: Artists protest against state-sponsored censorship
13 May 2013
Iran: Report from Tehran where banned tunes thrive
13 May 2013
Algeria: Singer imprisoned for song which mocks police
02 May 2013
Russia: Request for parole from Pussy Riot member rejected in court
30 April 2013
Pakistan: Online music video banned by Telecommunication Authority
30 April 2013
Myanmar/Burma: Corporate censorship is gaining control
22 April 2013
South Korea: Popular music video banned for ‘abuse of public property’
18 April 2013
Turkey: Pianist Fazil Say sentenced for Twitter posts
16 April 2013
Tunisia: Artists imprisoned because of rap video
11 April 2013
Morocco: Rapper El Haked is finally free
08 April 2013
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