News 2017

South Africa: Art destroyed and censored at University of Cape Town
21 July 2017
Freemuse focuses on female artists at Roskilde 2017
21 July 2017
Censorship in Nigeria: Musical free expression in the shadow of Fela
20 July 2017
Mali: Rapper receives death threats for political song and campaign
19 July 2017
Pakistan: Music once again in the crosshairs
14 July 2017
Jordan: Lebanese rock band’s concert cancelled for second consecutive year
07 July 2017
Georgia: Rappers arrested for alleged drug possession
30 June 2017
Australia: Two radio DJs fired for playing offensive song
29 June 2017
South Korea: K-pop stars receive death threats
28 June 2017
Iran: Musician and filmmaker brothers released from prison, await appeal
28 June 2017
South Korea: Public broadcaster deems songs from pop star’s new album unfit
19 June 2017
USA: Christian retailer pulls rap album from shelves over offensive word
15 June 2017
Poland: Artists boycott festival over alleged blacklist
14 June 2017
Zimbabwe: Musician flees country due to death threats over song
12 June 2017
United Kingdom: Protest song not played ahead of election
09 June 2017
Vietnam: Musician released early after serving full six-year prison sentence
02 June 2017
In prison for a year in Iran; artists call for musician’s and filmmaker’s release
01 June 2017
Freemuse founders receive 2017 Danish Nairobi Award
01 June 2017
United Kingdom: Deadly attack at pop concert in Manchester
23 May 2017
Egypt: Musician takes Music Syndicate head to court
19 May 2017
Artists gather to defend the right to artistic freedom in Bangladesh
19 May 2017
Venezuela: Singer received death threat from parliamentarian
17 May 2017
Freemuse calls for the investigation of José Manuel Sande to be dropped
03 May 2017
Freemuse calls for UNESCO reforms and a UN plan for safety of artists
02 May 2017
Artistic freedom in focus at World Press Freedom Day
27 April 2017
Freemuse appoints new Executive Director
24 April 2017
Iran: Musician and filmmaker returned to prison
20 April 2017
Tunisia: British DJ sentenced to jail for playing dance version of Muslim prayer
07 April 2017
Tanzania: Two rappers and a producer abducted from studio by unknown people
07 April 2017
Austria/Turkey: Concert cancelled, song banned related to referendum vote
04 April 2017
Spain: Rapper appeals three-and-a-half-year prison sentence over lyrics
31 March 2017
Ukraine: Russian Eurovision contestant banned over performance in Crimea
29 March 2017
Tanzania: Rapper released after being detained over song
29 March 2017
Music Freedom Day highlights 2017
21 March 2017
Mexico: Narcocorrido musician killed for singing to the wrong cartel
17 March 2017
Freemuse sends letter to Finnish Immigration Service on rejecting musician’s right to asylum
16 March 2017
India: Two female singers threatened by radicals and clerics
16 March 2017
Pakistan: Police ban music at weddings in village
15 March 2017
Freemuse addresses women’s issues at UNESCO
13 March 2017
Freemuse delivers recommendations at UN Human Rights Council session
13 March 2017
Nigeria: Singer arrested, out on bail for releasing uncensored song
10 March 2017
Iran: Musician and filmmaker attacked and threatened in prison
10 March 2017
Israel: Gazan singer on conditional release by Hamas authorities
07 March 2017
Saudi Arabia: Music video and government initiatives split society
03 March 2017
Pakistan: Singer interrupts show to rescue woman from harassment
03 March 2017
Podcast: Spotlight on Saudi female artists
03 March 2017
Music Freedom Day focus on women artists
01 March 2017
Qatar: Playing with the censors
01 March 2017
Freemuse Newsletter no 1 / 2017
01 March 2017
Tanzania: Artists’ trial postponed for a fifth time
28 February 2017
Argentina: City mayor suspends all electronic music festivals
24 February 2017
China: U.S. rock band forced to cut songs from setlists
24 February 2017
China: Imprisoned Tibetan singer released after completing sentence
23 February 2017
Mali: Music festival cancelled due to attacks
23 February 2017
Azerbaijan: Rapper’s family detained over music video
23 February 2017
Listen to forbidden female voices
22 February 2017
Iran: Band banned from festival due to women singing solo
22 February 2017
Pakistan: Scores killed during devotional activities at Sufi shrine
20 February 2017
Freemuse press release: Women’s voices on Music Freedom Day
16 February 2017
Joint statement regarding the impact of the U.S. immigration ban on artistic freedom
09 February 2017
USA: Artists arrested, banned, receive death threats related to Trump actions
27 January 2017
Zohra receives Freemuse Award: “This can inspire young women in Afghanistan to play music”
27 January 2017
USA: Rapper sues city, police over “unlawful” arrest for rap lyrics
26 January 2017
Zohra – The Afghan Women’s Orchestra – is winner of Freemuse Award 2017
22 January 2017
Songhoy Blues plays Fela – featuring Femi Kuti
15 January 2017
China: Ministry of Culture allegedly blacklists 55 artists
13 January 2017
Zambia: Hounded singer remains defiant
13 January 2017
Burundi: Music censorship or artist protection?
11 January 2017
Russia: Artistic freedom threatened by nationalist and orthodox groups
06 January 2017
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